I want my Tao Te Ching

Today I looked at my Facebook page. My feed was a flood of fear and anger about Trump. And within seconds I felt angry and fearful, too. A few more minutes and I felt knocked down > frustrated > angry > powerless. 

What had I done? Why did I do it? I knew better! Maybe I needed the practice. I don’t know. What I DO know is that I allowed my vibration to be hijacked. And I knew what I had to do about it. I had to slip back behind the wheel of my own well-being. Being swept up in a torrent of sadness, anger, powerlessness, depression… none of that was going to be helpful, to me or anyone else. Plus, when it’s your job to guide others toward their own well-being, allowing a vibrational hijacking to go on doesn’t just effect me, it effects my ability to serve my clients, and I knew that simply would not do.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there have been, and will be, times when I have purposefully lowered my vibration, or allowed it to lower, in order to deal with something. There can be times when it can help to dig in a bit to release some unwanted belief. And there are times when I will assist a client in doing this work for their own benefit, for a specific purpose. But this was not one of those times! This was a hijacking, which is very different from intentionally exploring an unwanted belief in order to transform it.

So what do you do when something like this happens? What do you do when you feel your vibration has been hijacked? I have a variety of tools and tricks for such situations, and this time I turned to one of my favorites, one of my big guns, one that always works for me, always brings me back to what I know.

I picked up the well-worn copy of my favorite take on the Tao Te Ching, by Stephen Mitchell and did my fun little ritual.

Here’s the little ritual I like to do with this book: I hold the book closed between my palms. I make a conscious connection with my inner being. I state my intention. I ask for guidance. I let the book fall open. I read what is there.

Today, setting my intention and request for guidance sounded something like this: I am looking for guidance, a pointer in the right direction, clarity about this issue. What is the issue? No, wait a minute, (I stopped when I notice that as I said the word “issue” I felt… not quite right. Heavy. So I looked for a better word to describe what I was wanting, a word that felt better. Challenge, I decide, that was a better feeling word to me in that moment. So I changed the word and continued…) What is this challenge?  This challenge of LETTING ALL THE CRAZY TRUMP NEWS ON FACEBOOK THROW ME OFF BALANCE! 

I don’t remember exactly every word I thought, but it was something like that. The important thing is I took my time plucking the words that felt best and stated my true intention as carefully and clearly as I could, and when I noticed that the word “issue” didn’t feel right, I chose another word.  

I then thumbed through the book (the binding on my copy is too stiff for it to just fall open, so I thumb through, without reading or cherry picking). I flipped chunks of pages back and forth until I felt a place that felt right, while not making too big a deal out of it, just followed my instincts, then I let go and opened the book.

This is what I read:


The Tao is always at ease.

It overcomes without competing,

answers without speaking a word,

arrives without being summoned,

accomplishes without a plan.

Its net covers the whole universe.

And though its meshes are wide,

it doesn’t let a thing slip through.

I pondered these words, read them again, and pondered some more.

What came to me was a much deeper understanding of the dynamic I am playing with in all this, and the choices I have before me. There will always be contrast. I can join the cry of “Resist! Resist! Fight! Fight!” Or, I can hold a place for the light I want to see more of in the world. I can choose to fear Trump, and anticipated horrors to come, or I can focus my attention on the marvelous way so many people, people who may have never felt so motivated before, are now outwardly expressing love, and promoting oneness, and showing deep compassion, and coming together to share love and shine their loving energy on humankind. I knew I had a choice: give my attention to what is unwanted, or focus on what I want and be a vibrational match for it and hold that place within myself so I could be of greater service to others.

Regardless of who agrees with me and who doesn’t, I know how the laws of the universe work. It is not by blind faith that I have learned what I know, I have put it to the test, over and over.

Yes, I had a choice, and I knew that if I want to be of service to others I would have to attend to my vibration first, and foremost, or I would not be much help to anyone.

So I turned my attention to the unprecedented outpouring of love also happening in the world in response to Trumpism. All the random acts of kindness I had see reported lately in the news. All the heroes. All the people standing up for love and compassion. And as I thought about all this, a confidence and peacefulness came over me. I felt a renewed awareness about the purpose and power of contrast, and how this, too, was an opportunity to choose love. Words are insufficient to describe what happened next, but I’ll try. I felt lighter. I felt more compassion. I felt safe. I felt fearless. I felt empowered. I felt what I had been reaching for when I reached for the Tao Te Ching. And now I knew I could do my part from a place of strength and clarity. No fear. 

And then a tune started playing in my head. The words “I want my Tao Te Ching” to the tune of the final riff from Dire Straights Money for Nothing, and I started laughing out loud.


And now, a smiley moment: