“Begin with Self Valuation. For many people the most difficult thing is learning to value themselves.”


“I’ve been through a lot of therapy that has been helpful in changing ruminating thought patterns to kinder ones of acceptance, but I felt that with p.j. I was able to really explore new thoughts and new ways of thinking, new perspectives that in turn, really helped me get closer to myself. Our sessions really opened up a whole new life for myself. I had started to take the steps, which led me to her, but without her help, I don’t know that I would have seen it through. I see life so differently now and I couldn’t have done it without her guidance. Thanks, p.j.!” — Erin (USA)

“Dear p.j.! Thank you for the homework and the incredible life changing session! You are the most amazing woman I have ever met:)!! I understood everything you spoke about and feel like I had a break through while I was listening to you. I will do all the homework and learn from everything as I go along. Already in the shower I was using the conscious language after we finished our session :D. Your wise words gave me such great energy so a gigantic thank you again! The universe led me to your meetup page right at the perfect time:). Kind regards.” — Julia (Finland)

“It is nearly a year that I have desperately been seeking ways I could make a better change in my life, and I had a number of different therapies and none were really that helpful, until I came to see you… things are changing now.” — Soheil (Croatia)

“Wanted to say I absolutely loved the last LOA Meetup and learned a lot :)!” — Anna  (NL)

“I just wanted to write you quick as we are still touring. We absolutely loved the workshop. It met our expectations and much more. I talk in plural because Johannes was blown out like me too. We found you so so inspiring. After hearing so many Abraham videos it was so so incredible to meet someone in person actually teaching law of attraction. The examples of your life were really powerful and it gave me the certainty that it is possible to manifest whatever I want in my life. I am right now using prepaving a lot during the tour and things are going really wonderful we are really having an amazing time.” — Laura (NL)

“I just wanted to say thanks for the workshop I attended at your place last autumn. At that time I had been in an uncertain period of life… What a blessing in disguise – an apartment appeared in the street I imagined, with 5 bedrooms for us all to live in (so even space for my office), and for a price which was affordable (especially with the money I was normally paying for my AuPairs apartment too). We signed and moved in within the 2 weeks. Since 1 December we are settled in our new place – and the live in AuPair provides me with the flexibility to do my work and live too. I am now starting to focus again on life, work and friends after too much worry… What a relief. Now starting to focus on my next THING. Network & Job Success! I already see connections just happening and people just opening up to me as if I am a magnet. I just have to smile. Thanks again – It worked!” — Helen (NL)

“Hi P.J., Great to see you again and thank you once again for a fascinating workshop this evening!” — Caroline (NL)

“I was full of self-doubt and anxiety about how my past traumas and unhealthy narratives were affecting my present, and future, when I arrived at p.j.’s website. I had been seeking out therapies of all kinds because I knew that I wanted to take control of my life, one way or another. It was purely by chance, I thought, that I stumbled upon her. After working with p.j. now for nearly 6 months, I know now that I “created” the opportunity to meet my teacher. From the first call we had together I was at peace, I felt that I had found my soul guide, and I felt excited and reassured about taking control of my life! The value that she has added to my life is immeasurable. I had a session just last week and I realized as I was sitting there that everything I had come to her wanting, I had managed to manifest into my experience, and it felt SO good! Therapy always left me feeling physically drained and psychologically exhausted, but when I leave p.j.’s office, I feel aligned to my true self, built up, and stronger than ever! I cannot recommend her highly enough.” — Breanne (USA)

“Wow, thank you P.J.! It is nice to hear that my presence makes a difference. I am happy to help with what you are doing! I am very grateful I got to know you and that you introduced me to the Law of Attraction and my inner being :).” Hanneke (NL)

I came to P.J. to learn more about the Law Of Attraction, and how to use it to my advantage in daily life, because I wanted a lot of things to be different from the way they were. Apart from being a really sweet person, P.J. is amazing at explaining and giving exercises for a deep understanding of the LOA. But I guess what helped me the most is P.J.’s ability to tap into my true self during sessions, explain to me about my deepest wishes, and make sure I stayed true to my path. My life, and especially the way I approach things, has changed completely since I met with her. My intuition has improved, I have a lot less stress in my life, and I am way more trusting the process. I am super grateful to her for the magic she helped bring into my life.” — Amanda (NL)

“I met p.j at one of her Law of Attraction meetup sessions. Being happy with her teaching style I attended a few more sessions, then took private sessions with her. Our sessions slowly shifted towards life coaching and mentorship. Having had 6 coaches before, I can comfortably say that p.j is far superior in all aspects! I sometimes walk into a session without having anything specific in mind to discuss, but so far we’ve had great results at the end of each session.” — Amin (NL)

“I decided to go and see P.J. as a personal coach, and by offering various tools to change negative thoughts and feelings – sometimes deeply installed – into something more positive, she improved my attitude in life considerably. I have used the tools that appeal to me most and even if it is not always easy, attracting good things has become a part of my life.”   — Hanneke (NL)

“Hi P.J., Thanks for the interesting Meetup about “Inner Being” Every time again it is an inspiration and your meetings are really helpful to stay focused on our purpose while living busy daily life.” — Martine (NL)

“With nurturing wisdom and guidance, you brought me beautiful tools to reconnect with myself in a most profound way. Simple, caring and joyful your presence and words. With insights reverberating till this very day, I feel grateful and find your work to be of expansive depth, support and value.” — Zoe (NL)

“I reached out to P.J. in a moment of big changes in my life – moving countries, moving in with my partner, making the big step of quitting my job and going back to studying. I was overwhelmed by so many things and needed someone who could give me that little hint I wasn’t able to find on my own. P.J. is truly amazing – I only met with her a few times but I’m definitely back to being the person I was, am and will be – a happy and balanced person. She recommended a set of useful tools to me, which improved my general attitude and my way of dealing with things. I can highly recommend her – she will always find a way to make it work out best for you!”   — Sarah (Germany)

“p.j., your mastery of metaphysical arts and calm, deep connection to the astral plane helped gently and joyfully guide me toward my own deep connection to my inner guidance system. You helped me open and strengthen pathways to my highest potential and creativity.” — Toni (USA)

“I have been going to therapy periodically throughout my life. While at certain times, it helped, I found that during a particularly tough time I wasn’t feeling better quickly enough. I met PJ through a friend and was immediately drawn to her. I have found that during my short time working with PJ, I have been focusing on the present and working on how to make immediate changes to feel dramatically better. There is an immediate impact for the better. PJ has helped me find my inner voice and trust my instincts. Leading me to understand myself better and patterns of thinking that have become habit. I leave feeling clearer and more aware. I leave feeling like I have the tools/resources to make immediate improvements to my life.” — Jennifer (NL)

“I met p.j. in a critical time in my life. I had been borderline depressed for quite some time, and I truly wanted to turn my feelings around and start enjoying my life again. There are lots of events from my past (and not so past) life that were weighing heavily on my shoulders and I felt like I could not get rid of them on my own. I had heard of p.j. from a friend and former client of hers, and I wanted to meet with her. From the first session I sensed that she was truly going to be the answer I was looking for. Her calm and joyful presence alone was immediately uplifting and I found myself completely in tune with her and her teaching. Today, after only a few months, I feel great, full of positive energy and of expectations. I feel in control of my experiences and in tune with my true inner self. For the first time in years I do not feel like I am old (and I am only 53), so it is too late to start over. I feel like I have lots of opportunities in front of me and I’ll make every day count and be meaningful and full of surprises. I have not changed: Instead I have gone back to my true optimistic and enthusiastic self. This is in itself a great achievement and a source of elation. And everybody around me has noticed, so the quality of my interactions with people has greatly improved. Obviously I still have my down moments but I know how to face them even in difficult situations. I consider p.j. the catalyst to a positive change in my life.” — Stefania (Italy)

“Hey PJ! Thanks again for hosting last night! I had a real good time hearing your perspective of the LOA. Herman and I spent talking for hours afterwards at home, getting all energized again to taking our creators roll through positivity, self awareness and self acceptance in our daily routine. We actually started doing the mental diet thing instantly today, and we had the most fun day just laughing about everything, making travelling plans, etc etc. So thanks for that!!” —Sindy (NL)

“I never thought I would be the type of individual who would truly benefit from therapy or life coaching and outside guidance. Not that I ever discredited its merits and have sought other forms of psychotherapy oftentimes coupled with pharmaceutical assistance numerous times prior, but during my entire life I have struggled with overcoming drug addiction, levels of emotional and physical abuse, self-doubt and loathing, depression (in varying degrees and symptoms), sexual identity amongst a rigid culture, disease, stress, and the like, that never seemed to go away. This crippled my ability to love and be loved and thus created a monster within that felt it was not worthy of self-help. “I don’t deserve to be fixed, I’ll always be broken, there must be a reason for my hardships due to some karmic debt I owe from a past lifetime, I’m not meant to ever find happiness, things would be so much easier if life were to just end,” etc., etc. It was a completely paradoxical attitude that still takes everyone in my life by surprise to hear me express that I was drowning in sorrow and unable to cope with my own feelings of inadequacy – because strictly on the surface I was viewed as a successful, creative, driven, talented, kind, joyful, loved/loving, appreciated, and confident individual that can light up a room upon entering. However, below the surface, I was 10,000 leagues under the sea and sinking fast!

“On top of which, I did not have the stereotypical rough upbringing or was ever denied opportunities to better myself like so many of the disenfranchised and poverty stricken people spread throughout the world; because in my familial, social, professional, and even love life, it appeared that I was lacking nothing and wont to indulge in all of life’s fineries with a carefree existence. But much was a charade. Momentary pearls of happiness strung together by a lifetime of despair and anger. Thus far I was truly just passing through life as a Monet. Idealized from afar, but up close, once past my many many walls and defense mechanisms, one would easily sense that what was painted so beautifully and recognizable from a distance was muddled and confused as I was carrying around feelings of hurt and sadness that festered in me like a cancer. I did not know who to trust, and so I trusted no one – especially myself. I did not know who truly loved me and so I did not truly love anything – especially myself. I always was/am/will be a GOOD person, but I was never given the tools to accept myself and my present state of being or how to shape my own reality and reclaim my power. So my mantra became, “I guess bad things will always just happen to good people”, and I resigned my fate to one of desolate fortitude. How long would I be able to manage on like this before breaking? How many more years would I have to endure on this plane? Well, it took a near death experience from a horrible accident and almost losing all I held dear before beginning work with PJ subsequently after when I had truly hit rock bottom for me to gain those tools.

“You may ponder, “How could someone who had all the support system in the world, all the gifts and opportunities of a positive upbringing have anything to complain about?” This mentality made me regress even further into exposing my difficulties to the outside or even admit them to myself oftentimes. “Who am I to whine, complain, need help, when there are so many others out there who have it worse than I?” I can tell you without hesitation how dangerous such a mindset can be for the human spirit, and one of PJ’s greatest tools she offered me within even an initial consultation was that sometimes we ALL need a little (or perhaps a lot) of help, and there is no judgement or shame in that acknowledgement. She made me realize it is OK to take time to take care of myself instead of others for a change, that there is no right or wrong in my behavior or my experiences, just lessons to be learned and tools to be gained towards a better self-awareness and state of being. It is only in not acknowledging what we want for our true selves and what we are feeling in the moment that we are doing a disservice to not only our well-being, but all those who are connected to us as well. I don’t need other people to be happy for me in order to be happy. I don’t need other people’s love or approval to validate my existence as much as I need to be filled with my own sense of love and appreciation for just being alive. And such a realization that has been a true reawakening of all my senses and awareness perhaps could have taken place on my own merits. But having a knowledgeable, passionate, and supportive guide such as PJ to help me on my path is invaluable in my opinion to stay on track as we all slip from time to time. Her strength comes not only from her experience and knowledge of the material she coaches on, but the fact that she is very adept in allowing those she aids in their discovery towards peace and happiness to not be one that she implants into the mind; instead she gently guides you into realizing what you need to do for yourself by arming you with the necessary tools to start on the life long journey towards enlightenment.

“PEACE. How does one define peace? One can argue that the dictionary includes beings at “rest”, by definition, to be “at peace, ease, or tranquil.” But by resting is one truly alive? I consider being truly at peace to be the balance of centering the active mind, body, and spirit to be in sync with one’s wants, desires, and emotions in a positive state of awareness. I can happily and confidently say now that through working with PJ and embracing her methodology, I am strengthening the core of my being and for the first time in a very long while I am truly learning to not only BE AT PEACE, but relish in being ALIVE! There are many lessons I am grateful to her for showing me thus far, but I feel the greatest one is teaching me how to just be: be at one with myself and my emotions, be at one with the universe, be at one with the moment at hand. Any numerations of “being” I can begin to understand – but most importantly, how to just be me.” — Dain (USA)

“Dear P.J., This morning I got healed by my IB, I invited her in my body and fell asleep again… I feel blessed and healed in such a way that I do not need a consult that much and so touched that my wish to stay tuned in is very vibrant. So thank you… Lots of Love,” Petra (NL)

“Your intuitive and expert metaphysical guidance has provided me with the keys to consciously transform my focus away from obstacles and fears toward achieving my highest dreams and goals with courage and joy, at a critical and rather confusing juncture in my life. Applying your strong and gentle practices have allowed me to directly connect my awareness and actions toward increasingly positive pathways to confidently and joyfully align my unique strengths and intentions to make a difference in the world and to receive so many unexpected benefits in the process. Thank you p.j.!” — Sue (USA)

“For the first time in my life I understand who I am at my core, my true self. My work with PJ has helped me move the emotional obstacles that kept me from believing in myself. With PJ’s intuitive guidance I have been able to let go of old beliefs; this has been life changing! Thank you PJ for the the best introduction I will ever want or need.” — Lei (NL)

“I never knew I could meet my spirit guides, until I met you. And I never expected it would be so profound & full of love!” — Roos (NL)

“In 2007 most of my life has been spent in a state of depression or despair. I had been diagnosed with many illnesses, mental and physical, most measurable with tests and treated with medication and surgeries. Others were not so easy to diagnose because the symptoms were that I just didn’t feel good, had headaches all the time, some kind of flu-like symptom. I had been given the label of severe depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety; my medical issues seemed endless. But the medications they prescribed were even more debilitating than the illnesses. I was going through my second divorce, I was penniless with two children who depended on me. It was impossible to hold down a job while being sick all the time. Every day was literally a struggle. I was completely miserable. Every day the main thought in my head was how and when I was going to end my life.

“I attempted suicide several times, the last time was in 2002. Throughout this time I wasn’t a client of p.j.’s, but I had spoken to her informally, and she had suggested several books I might read, which I didn’t read, and some web links to information that I never visited. Instead I went on in my misery. Finally, I decided that I wanted to make sure that if I did finally find that peace I thought I’d find in death, I did not want to come back to any life experience again, ever. I felt it was time for me to just end my life, or find out what it was that made people want to get up every day and enjoy it. My favorite phrase at the time was “I’m done”.

“That’s when I had my first real session with p.j., and began regular coaching sessions with her. I was curious, but very doubtful that anything would work for me, I had made up my mind that I was going to kill myself, it was just a matter of when and where. But what the heck, I thought, what do I have to lose?

“First thing p.j. did was guide me through a breathing exercise, and then a guided meditation, but it wasn’t like any meditation I’d ever experienced. She took me very deep. Then she introduce me to my Inner Being. I made conscious contact with my true self. It was thrilling and uplifting. But the most amazing part came when p.j. said that my Inner Being had a message for me, and if I wanted to receive it all I had to do was relax and let it come, so I did. Suddenly I felt something wonderful that I can’t explain, and I heard a voice shouting, “WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!!” As I heard my Inner Being speaking to me in this way I knew exactly what was meant by that message. Tears streamed down my face. I didn’t just hear it, I FELT it. I had a deep understanding of exactly what was meant by those words, it was a message just for me! It was a profound experience, and it changed me. Everything began to change quite rapidly after that. I knew something profound had happened, I have no doubt about it because it happened to me, personally, and I couldn’t deny it. After that, things began to click into place very fast.

“That was nine months ago. After that first session, I began to meditate on a regular basis, and I made conscious contact with my Inner Being during my meditations. I asked questions and received guidance that made perfect sense to me. I started to feel better more often. I started to notice the good and negative things that I was manifesting in my life. I stopped thinking about death every day, stopped worrying about my bills, or money coming in.

“Now I am actually one of those people I didn’t understand before. I am happy every day! ALL my physical illnesses have gone away! I enrolled in school. Things have been going great. Recently, my mother got very sick and had to move to a nursing home, which hit me really hard. I remember asking, “How am I going to get through this?” p.j. gave me the tools I needed to get through it.

“I know now how important it is for me to keep up my practice. I understand the process now, I know how I create my own reality, and how to manifest my joy. The path was easy in how quickly it came once I started session with p.j., but I had to do the work. Now, I book a session with p.j. when I hit a tricky patch, or want to quickly raise my vibration on a certain subject, and with her help I’m learning how to do it for myself, and I’m getting pretty good at it.

“I have gone from suicidal despair to contentment and often bliss in nine months. People react differently with me now. Money comes to me easily now, I get whatever I desire. I am now living my dreams. I am going to school, studying something I love. Although I’m not working and have no income, I have a beautiful house, drive a new car, just bought a new computer, etc. I’m at the top of my class in school and really loving life. In nine months I went from craving death to loving life! Thank you p.j. for helping me find my happiness.

“Update: Since I wrote that a year ago, I have met my soulmate and we got married! He was not the kind of guy I would have given a chance before working with p.j. We have a very healthy and loving relationship, we really are very happy together. He is everything I wanted in a partner and more! I don’t think I’d be here now if it weren’t for pj’s guidance, seriously. I still have troubles and unhappy times occasionally, but now I understand how it works, and I know how to deliberately create my reality for myself, and stay in control of my life. I’m now discovering myself, and liking what I am becoming. I see now how I used to create by default. I’m in charge of my experience. I am the chooser. I can hardly believe that from where I started in suicidal depression I am now so happy with my life! If I can do it, anyone can.”  — Lisa (USA)