To get the most out of this work, you need only be open, ready and willing to enjoy a better life.

I believe that anyone can learn how to live a happier, luckier life. I believe that there is a set of guidelines, a fluid formula for creating your own luck and feeling happy. I teach this fluid formula to clients, and it works. I make a conscious connection with your inner guidance and then teach you how to connect with your own inner wisdom, and this makes my coaching unique among my peers. I believe, and the success of my clients proves, that once you know how to connect with your own inner wisdom you cannot help but rise to be all you want to be.

I am an experienced metaphysical coach in private practice for over 10 years. I hold a masters degree in metaphysical science. With 20+ years of research into human behavior, how the mind works, and metaphysics, I have cultivated a deep understanding of the nature of reality. I use both science and metaphysics to guide clients to find, understand and remove false beliefs and change habits that have been blocking them from living a fulfilling, pleasing life. I teach practical tools and exercises you can use in everyday life, in real situations to become more self-empowered, more confident, get out of your own way and let go of ways of thinking that have blocked you from being all you want to be, and make changes in any aspects of your life you want to make.

My coaching draws from a broad range of knowledge, experience and philosophies. I use the law of attraction, applied psychology, negotiation and conflict resolution, depression management, plus many other metaphysical and traditional therapeutic techniques and modalities to help each individual reach their own personal potential.

p.j. often hears her clients say, “I wish I’d known this years ago!”  There’s no better time to start your awakening than right now.  Your amazing journey can begin wherever you are.

My office is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I do session in person, and via Skype all over the world. I have taught group workshops in Los Angeles, France, and now Amsterdam.